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Customised Retail Broadcasting
Unparalleled in the Retail Environment
The ability for a company to communicate with its customers is quite essential for the growth of any business. In retail, the ability to communicate to all relevant customers becomes not only a way of advertising but also the opportunity to develop a valuable relationship between retailer and customer. This relationship is what precedes customer loyalty, brand loyalty and returned visits.

For many years, the use of audio in the retail environment has been dispelled as a luxury, and the need to communicate with the consumers in-store was fulfilled by merely using the microphone from the PA System in-store. As the retail environment expanded, the need to control and even personally own a larger number of stores became paramount.

Economical advantages, such as advanced negotiations due to a stronger buying arm, fuelled further increase in store numbers, which complicated the communication to every customer in a preferred medium, language and style. On this need, the Radio Retail technology has been built. As these store numbers increased, the ability to communicate to each and every customer in his or her preferred medium, language and style became more complex. What in essence had to happen was that each and every store had to have the ability to communicate to each and every customer in his or her preferred manner. On this premise the Radio Retail technology is built.

By enabling the retailer to cost-effectively define his message, not only by store, but by its customers, and also allowing the retailer owning a thousand stores, the opportunity to promote one product, in only one of those stores at a price unique to that store, Radio Retail is the ultimate communicating device.

  How the system benefits the retailer
  How the system benefits the advertiser

::  Cost effective solution
The communication in-store is based on the same cost effective technology on which the Internet has been developed.

::  Quality
All broadcasting is done digitally, to ensure that all music, announcements and advertisements are produced at CD quality.

::  Easy customisation
Each retailer can customise this service to allow an ultimate level of control.
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